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Richard Poynder is an independent journalist and blogger specialising in information technology, scholarly communication, professional online database services, open science, e-Science, and intellectual property. With the greater space available I also took the opportunity to expatiate at considerable length in doing so.

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nikon d700 - new digital slrthe d700 has everything it takes to satisfy a broad spectrum of photographic needs. the 12.1-megapixel fx-format cmos sensor with a sensing area of 36.0 x 23.9 mm; a sensitivity range of iso 200 to 6400; continuous shooting at up to 5 frames per second (and up to 8 fps with the optional multi-power battery pack mb-d10; nikon's exclusive 51-point af system; scene recognition system for optimum autofocus, auto exposure and auto white balance detection ?these are but a few of the advanced capabilities of the extraordinary new d700.

major features
large image sensor, developed by nikon; 12.1 effective megapixels
the d700 employs an fx-format cmos image sensor with an area of 36.0mm (h) x 23.9mm (v). it provides superior picture quality throughout a wide iso sensitivity range, with advantages that include a large pixel size to ensure a higher signal-to-noise ratio and wide dynamic range, and improved circuit layout to efficiently increase the strength of the electrical signal from pixels. high-speed, 12-channel readout enables fast continuous shooting of high-resolution images at up to 8 frames per second (with multi-power battery pack mb-d10 and rechargeable li-ion battery en-el4a/4 or eight aa-size batteries).

wide sensitivity range
the d700 offers an extremely wide sensitivity range of iso 200 to 6400. it delivers extraordinary image quality at low sensitivity settings, while also delivering outstandingly low-noise characteristics at iso settings as high as 6400. furthermore, sensitivity can be increased to hi 0.3, hi 0.5, hi 0.7, hi 1 (iso 12,800 equivalent), hi 2 (iso 25,600 equivalent), or decreased to lo 1 (iso 100 equivalent), lo 0.7, lo 0.5 and lo 0.3, to expand shooting versatility.

high-speed performance
features a startup time of approximately 0.12 second, and a shutter release time lag of only 40 ms* ?both equivalent to the flagship nikon d3. the continuous shooting speed is up to 5 frames per second with the included rechargeable li-ion battery en-el3e, and up to 8 fps when using the optional multi-power battery pack mb-d10 and rechargeable li-ion battery en-el4a/4 or eight aa-size batteries. the nikon d700 is also compliant with the next-generation high-speed udma compactflash cards, that will enable 35-mbyte recording speed.

* based on the new cipa guideline established in august 2007.

expeed image processing
nikon's state-of-the-art expeed digital image-processing incorporates remarkable intelligence and technologies accumulated and optimized throughout our long history. it makes possible a diverse range of functions that ensure superior picture quality and high-speed image processing.

scene recognition system
improvements to the exclusive 1,005-pixel rgb light sensor have allowed information from the sensor to be utilized for auto exposure, auto white balance and autofocus. 3d-tracking in af, for example, achieved by using the scene recognition system, tracks subject position and automatically shifts the af points used to match the subject's movement within the frame. this system also contributes to higher accuracy of auto exposure and auto white balance detection.

picture control system
nikon's control system enables users, from novices to professionals, to create the pictures they envision by making specific selections and adjustments to image sharpening, tone compensation, brightness, tone and saturation. even with different cameras, when the settings are the same, you get the same picture tone. picture control system offers four fundamental setting options ?standard, neutral, vivid and monochrome ?for easy customization of image parameters.

active d-lighting
active d-lighting lets photographers choose from various intensities ?auto, high, normal, low or off (unchanged) ?prior to shooting. instead of employing the conventional compensation method of simply expanding dynamic range, localized tone control technology is utilized to ensure proper contrast and eliminate flat images with lost highlights and shadows.

af system with high-density 51-point af
the d700 incorporates a multi-cam 3500fx autofocus sensor module featuring 51 af points. fifteen cross-type sensors located in the center enable subject detection with lens apertures as small as f/5.6. the functioning of the af points is linked to the scene recognition system, to deliver superior subject detection and focus tracking performance. a single af point can be selected from the 51 or 11 focus points. in dynamic-area af mode, you can select from either 9, 21 or 51 af areas. the 51-point option offers 3d-tracking mode, which automatically shifts the focus point to match the subject's movements. auto-area af mode gives greater priority to the subject's position when selecting af points.

choose from two live view modes
live view allows shooting while confirming the subject on the 3-inch, 920,000-dot color lcd monitor. in handheld mode, which lets you recompose the frame prior to actual shooting, ordinary ttl phase-detection af is activated, using all 51 af points including 15 cross-type points. tripod mode is designed for precise focus accuracy with still subjects and tripod stabilization. it enables focal-plane contrast-detect af on a desired point within a specific area. remote view, focusing and shooting can also be controlled from a pc (via connection or wireless) using optional nikon camera control pro 2 software.

dx cropping mode
the nikon d700 lets you select from either fx format (36 x 24) or dx format (24 x 16). at the default setting of [auto dx crop], the camera will automatically select dx format when a dx nikkor lens is attached.

high-definition, 3-inch vga, tft lcd monitor with wide viewing angle
the ultrahigh-definition [920,000-dot vga (640 x 480)], 3-inch lcd monitor with tempered glass provides a 170?viewing angle. the large monitor is remarkably effective when confirming the focus with enlarged playback images. the wide viewing angle enables easy recomposing of the frame in hand-held mode with live view.

viewfinder provides 95% frame coverage, 0.72x magnification in fx format
the viewfinder features an eye-level pentaprism with high refraction index and provides 95% frame coverage with 0.72x magnification. fifty-one af points and a framing grid are superimposed on the finder screen. the eyepoint is 18 mm (at ?.1 m-1), and the diopter can be adjusted within a range of ? to +1 m-1.

image sensor cleaning
vibrations at four different resonant frequencies remove dust from the optical low-pass filter in front of the image sensor. this function is automatically activated each time the camera is turned on and off, and can also be activated on demand by the photographer.

built-in flash with wireless commander function
with a guide number of approximately 17/56 (m/ft., iso 200, 20癈/68癋) and 24mm lens coverage, the high-performance built-in flash enables i-ttl flash control that evaluates flash exposure with greater precision for exceptional results. compatible with the nikon creative lighting system, the built-in flash controls up to two groups of remote units as a master/commander in advanced wireless lighting.

engineered durability
a magnesium alloy is used for the exterior cover, rear body and mirror box to reduce weight and provide rugged durability. o-ring sealing where connections are made gives you valuable protection against dust and moisture. the shutter unit developed and manufactured by nikon employs shutter blades made of a new material (a hybrid of carbon fiber and kevlar). tested on fully assembled cameras, the d700's shutter unit has been proven through 150,000 cycles under demanding conditions. the self-diagnostic shutter constantly monitors and maintains shutter precision.

multi-power battery pack mb-d10 (optional)
the optional multi-power battery pack mb-d10, which uses one rechargeable li-ion battery en-el4a/4/3e or eight aa-size batteries, is equipped with a shutter-release button, af-on button, multi selector, and main- and sub-command dials. when attached, it enables high-speed continuous shooting of 12.1-megapixel images at a rate of up to 8 fps*. * when using en-el4a/4 or eight aa-size batteries. 

exclusive wireless transmitter wt-4/4a (optional)
the wt-4/4a supports both wired lan (10base-t, 100base-tx) and wireless lan (ieee 802.11b/g, 11a), and incorporates a thumbnail mode. a pc allows wireless connection of up to five cameras, for display of thumbnail images and downloading of selected images. using camera control pro 2 (option) and the live view function, wireless remote view/control shooting is also possible.

fine tuning for af
the focal point in af for the current cpu lenses can be fine-tuned and registered. a certain level of adjustment set for up to 12 lens types is applied when a lens of the same type is attached. when using a lens that has not been registered, the same level of adjustment can be applied.

improved function button feature
in addition to the exclusive function button, this feature can be assigned to the preview button and the ae/af lock button, for optimum flexibility. furthermore, nef copy recording together with jpeg image can be assigned to the function button.

hdmi output (high-definition tv) supported
the d700 complies with hdmi (high-definition multimedia interface) ver. 1.3a for the transfer of global-standard video and audio signals. a type c mini connector is provided.

info display
various shooting information is displayed on the lcd monitor, including shutter speed and aperture. character color can be adjusted to match lighting conditions ?black for light locations, white for dark locations. auto switch mode can also be set.


nikon d700
key features:

nikon's original fx-format cmos image sensor with 36.0 (h) x 23.9 (v) mm image size; 12.1 effective megapixels

superior picture quality throughout a wide iso sensitivity range of iso 200 to 6400; can be set to iso-equivalent 25,600

incorporates nikon's original expeed digital image processing concept

continuous shooting speed is up to 5 frames per second with the included rechargeable li-ion battery en-el3e, and up to 8 frames per second when using the optional multi-power battery pack mb-d10 and rechargeable li-ion battery en-el4a/4 or eight aa-size batteries

nikon's original scene recognition system, utilizing the 1,005-pixel rgb sensor, greatly improves autofocus, auto exposure and auto white balance performance

active d-lighting automatically compensates highlights or shadows while you shoot, creating images with natural contrast ? even in difficult lighting

picture control system for image finishing optimized to match individual preferences

3d color matrix metering ii for ideal exposures in almost any lighting situation

multi-cam 3500fx autofocus sensor module featuring 51 af points offers fast, efficient and precise autofocus

two live view modes enable shooting while confirming subjects in the lcd monitor

3-inch lcd with 920,000-dot (vga) resolution and a 170?ultra-wide viewing angle

built-in flash with 24mm lens coverage and nikon抯 dependable i-ttl flash control

magnesium alloy used for the exterior cover, rear body and mirror box reduces weight and provides rugged durability

optional multi-power battery pack mb-d10 extends shooting capability, enhances stability, and provides the further shooting potential of added controls

support for the wireless transmitter wt-4/4a (optional) enables direct cable-free image transfer to a compatible computer

included nikon viewnx software makes browsing and organizing your images easy

optional photo-editing software, capture nx 2 allows users quick and easy photo editing 


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